Sega Console Information


Console NameClick for console imageCountryLE (units)Description
Dreamcast WhiteClick for console imageAllNoTechnically very light gray
Dreamcast BlackClick for console imageJPYes (200)Keyboard may have been sold separately
Dreamcast BlueClick for console imageUSYesSold only through Electronics Boutique website.
Dreamcast Divers 2000 CX-1Click for console imageUSYesLight blue TV w/ Dreamcast built-in, remote (for the tv-function), controller, keyboard, vibration pack, internet and teleconference software, & headset.
Dreamcast DreamkaraClick for console imageJPNoAKA Dreamcast Karaoke - white
Dreamcast GoldClick for console imageJPYes (5)N/A
Dreamcast Gundam RX-78 Custom EditionClick for console imageJPYes (78)Blue & light blue
Dreamcast Hello Kitty PinkClick for console imageJPYesTranslucent
Dreamcast Hello Kitty BlueClick for console imageJPYesTranslucent
Dreamcast Jet Set RadioClick for console imageUSYesWhite base with Jet Set Radio graphics
Dreamcast K Sugiura AKA Sega PartnersClick for console imageJPYeswhite with silver plate signed by Sega president
Dreamcast MazoraClick for console imageJPYes (500)AKA Maziora - dark green w/ Mazora logo
Dreamcast Metallic SilverClick for console imageJPYes (200)N/A
Dreamcast Pearl PinkClick for console imageJPYes (200)N/A
Dreamcast Pearl BlueClick for console imageJPYes (200)N/A
Dreamcast Regulation 7Click for console imageJPYes (2000)Black w/ gold R7 on top
Dreamcast Resident Evil ClaireClick for console imageGEYes (5)Made for Sega by the Top-Airbrush studio in Germany, was not for sale, only a promo item.
Dreamcast Resident Evil Biohazard Code Veronica Red ClaireClick for console imageUSYes (1800)N/A
Dreamcast Resident Evil Biohazard Code Veronica Blue S.T.A.R.S.Click for console imageUSYes (200)N/A
Dreamcast Sakura Wars TaisenClick for console imageJPYesPink with several characters on top
Dreamcast Seaman CrystalClick for console imageJPYesTranslucent clear
Dreamcast Seaman ChristmasClick for console imageJPYes (850)Red
Dreamcast Sega SportsClick for console imageUSYes (10,000)Black with Sega Sports on top
Dreamcast Sonic 10th AnniversaryClick for console imageJPYesBlue w/ Sonic logo/signed by Sonic team
Dreamcast Sonic 10th Anniversary Sega employee editionClick for console imageJPYesBlue w/ Sonic logo/signed by Sonic team
Dreamcast SwatchClick for console imageJPYesBlack
Dreamcast ToyotaClick for console imageJPYesStandard console with yellow half-circle, blue kanji, red Toyota logo - sold through Toyota dealerships
Dreamcast TsutayaClick for console imageJPYesRented out by Tsutaya stores
Dreamcast USA Holiday 1999Click for console imageUSYesStandard gray console, one red & one green controller

Console NameClick for console imageCountryLE (units)Description
Saturn BlackClick for console imageAllNoFirst color
Saturn GrayClick for console imageJPNoDark gray with blue buttons
Saturn WhiteClick for console imageJPNoTechnically very light gray
Saturn SkeletonClick for console imageJPNoTranslucent gray - "This is Cool" printed on console & controller
Saturn SonicClick for console imageJPYesWhite with Sonic silhouette
Saturn DerbyClick for console imageJPYesTranslucent blue, bundled with Derby Stallion

Game Gear
Console NameClick for console imageCountryLE (units)Description
Game Gear BlackClick for console imageAllNoFirst color - technically very dark gray
Game Gear BlueClick for console imageAllNoBlue
Game Gear Coca-ColaClick for console imageJPYesRed, came with Coca-Cola Kid game
Game Gear Gold & DiamondsX????IMAGE NEEDED - Details needed
Game Gear GrayClick for console imageAllNoGray
Game Gear Light BlueClick for console imageAllYesLight Blue
Game Gear Magic Knight RayearthClick for console imageJPYesRed with MKR logo
Game Gear PurpleClick for console imageJPNoPurple
Game Gear RedClick for console imageJPNoRed
Game Gear SmokeClick for console imageAllNoTranslucent gray
Game Gear WhiteClick for console imageJPYesWhite
Game Gear YellowClick for console imageJPNoYellow
Game Gear Kids' Gear Virtua Fighter MiniClick for console imageJPYesBlack with Virtua Fighter Mini characters

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