FTP from iOS device to Original Xbox

FTP is the way main way to transfer files to the Original Xbox after a softmod install. Today I stumbled upon a way to transfer files from my iPhone to the Original Xbox. It will work on any other iOS device i.e. iPod Touch or iPad. The iPad even allows the download of iPhone apps. This is an FTP process and a router/modem is required that gives out wireless/Wi-Fi signal. For the full list of options how to transfer files to your original Xbox, see FTP tutorial

This tutorial can also work on an Android device by simply downloading an FTP program and a browser than allows the downloading of files like a desktop computer. In any case, the instructions would be identical. 

  • Original Xbox (w/ softmod installed)
  • Wireless Router/Modem
  • Ethernet Cable
  • iOS device + 2 Apps (free)
*Internet access is never required to FTP/transfer files to the Original Xbox. However, to download the those files internet is then required as well as downloading the iPhone apps necessary for this tutorial.

To get started your Original Xbox should be connected to a router/modem via Ethernet cable. At this point you should know your Xbox IP address. The Xbox IP address looks similar to 192.168.#.#, only the last two digits are the ones that usually differ. Every Xbox has a different IP address. Whether you're using UnleashX or EvolutionX dashboard you should see you IP address right on the dashboard. If you're using UnleashX then the IP address will show up at the bottom right corner.

If you're still having trouble locating your IP address, open us your Xbox dashboard (unleashx/evolutionx), select settings and find the IP address under network configuration. On the Xbox under Network Settings change the Type to DHCP (as opposed to static). In the Xbox settings the IP is listed two times, make sure both IP addresses match. 

Required iPhone Apps (free) 
Once you've downloaded both Apps from the App Store you can begin. The Documents app has a built-in web browser that allows you to download files. Once the file is downloaded
  1. locate the file inside the Documents app
  2. select "Edit" on the (top right corner)
  3. select the file you want to transfer to the Xbox
  4. select "Actions" (bottom right)
  5. select "Open in"
  6. select Open in FTPManager Free
You can also have the file emailed to yourself and then open it in the FTP app. No matter where you get the file from the important thing is to open it in the FTP app. 

Setting Up FTP Connection

When you open FTPManager Free there is a + symbol at the top right. Select the + symbol to begin making the connection to the Xbox. You'll see the following settings, fill everything out as listed below. 

Display Name: Xbox (or give it whichever name you'd like)
FTP Server: Enter your Xbox IP address
Protocol: FTP
Transfer Mode: Passive
Use Server External IP: Leave it off

User Name: xbox
Password: xbox
*make sure the user name & password are both lower case.  

*In the case that these apps are no longer accessible know that the routine will likely be the same. One app allows the downloads of files while the other is an FTP app.

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