Dakar Jim
2016-02-08 02:14:45
DIY Canon 11pins USB connector S100 cable with CHDK remote AND video out

Recently I bought a Canon S100 for KAP. In my opinion this camera doesn't need
enhancements to improve the photo quality, but I really like the USB remote
triggering function.
It saves the additional servo. I also like working with a live view via a video
downlink. It makes
KAP extra special for me. To combine this two functions we need a cable that is
not standard
available. But as tinkerer by nature making this cable myself is part of the
fun. For those who
won't want to built the cable, it can be bought here: TBC

For those who do want to make this cable here is a brief description:
The Canon S100 camera uses a strange USB connector. It is not a standard item.
But HTC uses a
connector for there phones that is pretty much the same connector. So my
adventure started by
buying this connector:smiley4